Sunday, February 24, 2008

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Jasper Speaks:

It has been a good weekend. On Friday night, we took my dad to dinner. Although I talk to him every day this was the first time that we had seen him since the week of the funeral. It was nice to provide for him a bit. He is very lonely and I am a bit concerned about him so please pray for him when you get a chance.

Saturday, I spent the day with out student drama team doing devotions at Upward Basketball. It was a long day but a lot of fun. I love hanging out with "my kids". They were pretty much a crack up all day long. Saturday evening we went to my friend Michele's fortieth birthday party. It was good to see her and her husband Dennis (who are are closest couple friends), Michelle M, and Bob and Julie. I was wiped out and was not necessarily the life of the party that I can be but it was nice anyway.

Today, the search committee presented me to the church as their recommended me as their choice for the Student Minster at Parkway. I am humbled by God's work in my life throughout this process. I am completely humbled that God would give me the opportunity to be considered as part of the staff of this incredible church. Please pray that we would all be sensitive to the Holy Spirit during this time. We are meeting with the youth and their parents this Saturday morning at 9:30. Then we are meeting with anyone else who would like to talk to us after each of the morning services on Sunday. The church will then vote on me on March 9th. The process has seemed long but the resolution seems to be coming rather quickly. We will see.

It is back to school tomorrow after a very SHORT week last week. Man, I wish we only had two days of school every week and still got out like I dunno, May 1st or so. Unfortunately, with the snow and my district's STUPID policy of not including any snow days in the calendar, we are going into June now. GREAT!

Well I am off to bed for the evening. Have a great week guys!

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