Monday, February 04, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

Back to school. Back to life. The week off didn't seem to put me too far behind. I had an up and down weekend. Particularly Saturday night was difficult. A bunch of us took dad out for dinner and I spent a few hours at his house. Very mom-less. I almost called her about something when I got home and then remembered. That stunk. I didn't do so well after that. I am dealing with a lot of the stupid guilt stuff you get at a time like this. Mostly, though, I am okay. I think. What is okay? I am not sure I know anymore.

Superbowl was INCREDIBLE! Go Giants! I hate the Pats (living in Maine didn't help this). It was so much fun watching them go down yesterday. Perfect? I think not! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oddly enough, after reading Donnie C's Xanga from yesterday, we both had some contemplation over the misspent emphasis put on this one day. I was telling Kendra last night before we went to sleep that it was crazy how much money these guys make. She was telling me about one of the Rams (her boss is good friends with many of them) who sat out the entire season with an injury (never even dressed for a game) and got a million dollars per game anyway. My mom dedicated her life to helping people and died leaving not even enough insurance money to cover the whole funeral. What is wrong with that picture?

Anyway, I appreciate the prayer. Please don't stop. The next few weeks will be hard. Pray for my daddy. he is doing well but this is terrible on him. Thanks!

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