Thursday, February 07, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

I have had two nights in a row of A-MAZ-ING sleep! I have hit the pillow and been out like a light. I am a VERY light sleeper and usually wake up at the slightest noise. Tuesday night Kendra wasn't feeling well and went to sleep in the recliner where she could sit up and I never knew she left. That shows that I was out of it! I guess the stress of the past few weeks has passed and my body is finally able to relax a bit. I wish things would have turned out differently but I do have a sense of relief now that it is resolved.

I am caught up with my grading. I am trying to get re-motivated. It is not working very well. We are watching the 1970 version of Julius Caesar today. As an English teacher, I hate to admit it, but I really don't like Shakespeare. It bores me. It is a necessary evil. So I teach it. But really, snooze-o-rama. I am with the kids when they ask, "why does he take so long to say something simple". BLECK!

D-now is approaching and I am excited. I really think it is going to be great! Woot! Tonight is the house hunt. Please pray that God opens the door for us to find the perfect house in the perfect place. I will keep you posted!

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