Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

I am SO excited for this!


This is the latest venture from Sherwood Baptist Church who brought us Facing The Giants. That movie made such an impact in my life that we named our son after the main character. I am really anticipating this one. Kirk Cameron stars in it which is pretty boss as well!

High School Confidential

So I watched this last night and it did intrigue me. I think it had a great view into the lives of teenage girls. I found myself seeing many of my students from school in the lives of the two girls depicted. I felt so much sorrow for Cammy who was trying to find her place. She started off as a naive freshman and got pulled into the party scene. By her senior year she seemed to have a lot of regrets. It saddens me that students look to alcohol for acceptance. I saw the transformation of a young girl from innocence to saddened experience before me on the television.

I think that youth leaders should do their best to watch this series. I think it will provide a window into the soul of students. I want to believe that these girls only represent those girls in the world. Sadly, I know that it probably represents girls in our youth groups nearly as much. I do think that High School Confidential could help us a lot if we watch it and try to learn.

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