Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

Last night at Reality Check went well. It was the last and final week of our Superhero series. Last night was Only Jesus Could Smash Death. Here is the acrostic from the outline this week.

Hope Returns - Luke 24:1-12

Eternal Life - Provided - 1 John 5:11-12

Rescued Our Souls - Colossians 1:10-14

Only Way Revealed - Hebrews 9:7-15

I have been pleasantly surprised to find out what a great ministry tool YouTube has really become. I found extremely appropriate clips to use every week on this site. I used a Superman Returns montage set to the song "Rescue" the first week. Last week was the I Need A Hero montage using TONS of clips from various movies, and this week I used a montage from the Passion of Christ set to a song called Hero (not sure who the artist was but it was way cool!). In some ways it is like having a production studio at work for you. I will definitely continue to use this site on a regular basis!

It has been interesting how as I have prepared the messages for this series, God has taken a specific point each week to challenge me personally. This week it was the Rescued Our Souls section. God just really made me realize how the resurrection not only means I don't have to die a spiritual death but it also means I can LIVE an adventure filled AMAZING life every day in my walk with Christ. The resurrection makes way for the promise of Christ in John 10:10 to come to fruition. Because Jesus rose from the dead, I can have a real and meaningful life; a better life than I ever dreamed of! Pretty awesome stuff there!

Please continue to pray on our housing situation. Everything seems to be going well. We really would love to live as close to the church as this house would afford us! We appreciate you remembering us to the Father on this matter.

Oh, and one more thing ...


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