Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

Last night went really well at Reality Check! I am digging the series we are in. As I prepare messages each week for Superhero: Three Things Only Jesus Could Do, I am being convicted and challenged in my personal walk. Last night we discussed Good Friday and the topic was Jesus Is The Only One Who Could Die For The Entire World. Using the acrostic below to explain:


Denied Himself
Experienced Our Pain
Bought Our Gift
Transfered our Sin

We talked a lot about Jesus paying the debt we could not pay and how because He is fully God and fully Man, He was the only one who could be the propitiation. It was pretty boss!

The message really challenged me to ask if I was as good at remembering Christ's sacrifice as I tell myself I am. Do I live a life that is driven by the sacrifice He took in my place? We ended the night watching the GodTube video below:

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