Monday, March 10, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

Today when I told the principal that I wasn't coming back in the fall he told me that they were planning on me splitting between two schools next year. I would not have my own room or anything. I was SO GLAD God blessed me with the opportunity to not come back after I heard that (like I wasn't already).

I was unpacking some things in my office. I found pictures from when I was on staff at Lemay, a bunch of New Zealnd stuff (including a letter from my "love" of that summer Nui that pledged her undying love for me!), and this poem that I wrote for my mom. I am not sure when I wrote it but it says what my heart really feels and why I missed her so much yesterday:

You always showed His love to me
Even when I wouldn't look
You always told His love to me
Even when I refused to hear
You always touched me with his love
Even when I refused to feel
But because you were consistent
In your actions and your faith
I grew to see His love
Restoring my blind eyes
I grew to hear His voice
In once deaf ears

I grew to feel his touch
In once numb limbs
Now I love Him more than life itself
Now my faith grows every day
Now my heart sings His praises
Now I am touching others
With the love YOU showed me
I am who I am
Because you let God live for you
Thank you for loving me enough
To be His faithful, consistent servant
Thank you for being my example
I am proud to be your son
Because you made me proud to be His son.

Man, I miss her today.

Here is a video of the boy:

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