Monday, April 28, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

I had a pretty good weekend. We finally got the house looking more like our home as we got a lot of pictures hung. Jackson's room is pretty much done. I am so glad about that because he has always had the room where we had to store stuff and now he has a WONDERFUL room that actually looks like a room for a little boy. It is full of cool sports stuff and stuffed toys (he is all boy so he won't play with them but they make great decorations).

We had a problem with our hot water heater and had to shower at the hotel this weekend. It is a great thing that we live only like 3 minutes away. Stupid traffic. We could only live 1 minute away if there weren't stop signs. LOL!

Aaron is coming to be our intern this summer! That is exciting! I know God will do GREAT things in his life and our ministry this summer! It is amazing how God works this stuff out! Just last week I had no intern and was freaking a bit, now I have Aaron and can't wait!

I love Michele and Dennis. They are friends I totally don't deserve. It is amazing how God brings people like that into our lives. They are so giving and I enjoy sharing life with them. Plus, they really love my kid. They rock!

Tracy you are good too!

Looking forward to getting another week out of the school countdown. We are watching movies (Tennessee Williams plays) in American Lit and doing some Tupac Shakur and The Freedom Writers (leading up to a movie) in English II. Should be an easy few weeks. That is the goal.

Overall, I am in a great mood. Hope it sticks through the day. It could get ugly. No reason. I just know that history says that it could get ugly.

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QueenTracy said...

lol. i love how you are trying NOT to get the bad friend post. *giggle* I love you too! I'm glad you are in a good mood too...maybe its catching?