Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

So after my post about stress yesterday morning, I ended up having a great day. Go figure. But I find blogging helps, sort of my way of journaling which can be very therapeutic.Although, I guess I am too honest here. I need to show more restraint. This is probably not going to be my forum for personal thoughts anymore. I will do my best to just try and blog about spiritual matters and the like. My goal on here was never to offend and I guess that has happened a couple of times. I apologize if that was against anyone reading this now.

Also, let me say that teaching is a great profession. It just is not for me. God has placed another call on my life and I am excited about leaving this job and doing what I was made for. Sometimes I may express that with too much vigor but I am an "emotion on my sleeve" kind of guy. I guess I need longer sleeves. I must admit I am rejoicing in what God has done and is doing and even though I may complain about the wait, I am grateful for the opportunity to return to ministry full time. It has been a long time and I guess you can't really understand the mixed emotions unless you, too, have been down a similar path. Many of my readers have not so I might have been inadvertantly offending because it is not an experience all my readers can understand.

Anyway, this has turned out to be way more heavy than I wanted it to be. So here is a survey too (it is from last week):

Another Survey For Fun

Answer the questions and send it back AT LEAST to the person who sent it to you!

1. What's the name you most go by?
2. What was your favorite year of high school?
Probably Junior
3. If you could have one bill completely paid off which would it be?
Student loan
4. Who was your best friend in fourth grade?
Jo-Jo Rubottom
5. Is there a career path you almost took before doing what you are doing now?
Hmmm ... teaching and Student Ministry is now but I almost became the
a lot of other things, actor, agent, director, assistant events coordinator.
6. What, if any, are you favorite memories of church life?
Wow! Way too many. Service as a YP mostly. As an "average Joe" God
breaking my heart on Wednesday nights at Heartland. Overall, didn't like
the church but for those first few months God healed us through the
worship ministry there. Maybe (and I NEVER thought I would say this)
4th Saturday Night Southern Gospel sings at my church as a kid.
7. Favorite Vacation Spot?
Somewhere with mild weather. Anywhere with Kendra and Jackson. Not
8. What did you have to eat so far today?
Asiago Cheese bagel with veggie cream cheese
peanut butter and jelly crackers
General Tso's Chicken and rice
Weight Watchers Key Lime Yogurt
9. Best Christmas Memory?
This one is hard. It should have been this year with Jackson's first C-Mas with
us but with mom dying at the time it was pretty overshadowed. Maybe the
year we got bingo and peppermint sticks when we were kids.
10. Worst Road Trip Story?
Pennsylvania->December->sad and moving into parents basement at 35->head gasket explodes->Four big people in the tiny cab of a truck
11. Write the name of the first person who comes to your mind.
12. Are you in tennis shoes right now?
13. Are you warm or cold right now?
Cold. Which is odd considering my room is usually as hot as Hades in July.
14. Where was your first kiss?
Behind a dumpster in grade school. First REAL kiss in a dorm room in
college. I will not elaborate.
15. Who was your best friend in 11th grade?
Tim Curtis
16. White or colored socks?
17. Favorite non-American food style?
Chinese or Mexican (well does tex-mex count)?
18. How old were you when you had your first alcoholic beverage?
The little old lady who lived behind us gave me some wine when I was 8.
19. Favorite cartoon character?
FRED FLINTSTONE we are basically the same person.
20. What did you last watch on TV?
News this morning. American Idol last night --- SO LONG Michael Johns
(only would have been sweeter if it had been Carly)
21. Favorite Candy?
Hershey with Almonds unless I am stressed and then it is Almond M&Ms
22. Favorite tv comedy of all time?
Love a lot of them! King of Queens, Designing Women, Friends, and I dig
Two and a Half Men right now. Loved Facts of Life in the 80's. I have way
too many to list them here.
23. Did you ever get an F in a class?
Hmmmm .... got some Ds in High School but don't remember any Fs.
24. How many years since you graduated High School?
(gulp) 20!
25. Who was the first person you thought you could marry?
Tracy? But I was in love with her family not her. For serious it really was
26. Nicest person you know?
Janice Jones, Candy Tucker, or Lori Robertson
27. What do you order from McDonalds?
Most frequently a large coffee with cream and two Splendas and a Suasage
McMuffin (gotta' love breakfast for $2.35).
28. What time did you get up today?
29. What type of vehicle did you last drive?
Ghetto minivan
30. Can you swim?
Unfortunately no. There weren't many pools in the ghetto. :(
31. Favorite flavor of gum?
When mom was sick the gift shop sold this gum called Rain and it ROCKED!
32. What was the price of the last gas you saw advertised?
$3.39 (I think)
33. How many pillows do you sleep with?
3 (four if you count Kendra!)
34. What was your most embarrassing moment in public?
Yelling, "Check me, check me! I've got a gun!" at the airport when I was like 13 or 14.
35. Most prized non-human possession
I am not really about things. I know that sounds pretentious but after the last
few months, people are the things that matter most.
36. Greatest blessing this week?
God gave me life and a HOUSE!
37. How long have you been on the internet today?
Pretty much all day. It is Silent Reading Friday at school and I am unmotivated.
38. Site you visit the most?
Yahoo Mail, Facebook and more recently Twitter
39. Last time you went to the bathroom?
About 9:25 AM and boy do I need to go again!
40. What are your weekend plans?
Moving --- and maybe in snow! UG!

Peace out!

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