Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

So, I am almost down to under 40 days in the ole countdown. That will be SWEET! I am so excited to start church stuff. I am so ready for the end of the year. I did get the outline of my message together this morning. I did it mostly during the movie I was showing in zero hour. I still have to get the body together but it is at least in a form I could wing if need be.

Went to Mobap (my Alma Mater) yesterday. For those of you who would know and care, I spent about ten minutes reminiscing with Kim Grey. It was fun. I still feel a little weird when I go there. I guess after spending seven years there I just hope no one thinks I am a student!

Our Graduation Celebration event is Sunday. I bought gifts for it yesterday. I still have SO MUCH I have to get done for it. So, I will probably work at church every day this week except Saturday. As the summer approaches (June 1st will be my 1st Full Time day) part time gets sillier and sillier to call what I do. I am so excited that I will not have to be double minded anymore!

Oh well, I am off to get things together for the next set of lessons. The research paper ends today, so I have to be prepared for next week! Woot!

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