Tuesday, April 15, 2008

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Jasper Speaks:

So, Kendra put the van in the shop this morning. I hope all is well. Please pray it will not be an expensive fix. We don't have the money! I have hated this van ever since we bought it. Still, God has provided it for us and it is paid off so, I would like for it to last awhile.

I am under 50 days (48 to be exact) of teaching! Woot!

Please pray for Kendra as she is under a tremendous amount of stress at work. I have such a hard time because I want to protect her. I can't call up the people giving her a hard time and tell then to back off because they are her employers. In a nutshell, the company wants you to give up your soul and all aspects of your outside life when you work for them. It makes life stressful. Even on her personal day off last week, she got in trouble because she didn't call into work to check up on things. HOW RIDICULOUS IS that!?! We are praying that perhaps she could stay at home once I start my church job that will provide us with family insurance. It will be tight but we want to give it a test run. She would be much happier raising our son, giving piano lessons, and selling Mary Kay. I would be happy with that as well.

I realize that I need to pray about my attitude issues. I get so worked up so easily anymore. I have pretty much been an easy going guy all my life but the past couple of years have been hard to just let things slide. Pray that God will help me in this area.

This weekend will be hectic as we are making a one day up and back trip to Kendra's mom. It's a long story but we want to be there but it is going to suck eggs to do it all in one day! UG!

Well, my plan period is shortened today for standardized testing, so I really do need to go get some stuff done. Hope you have a great day!

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