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Quick update --- So, I was doing well to keep the blog up until the train wreck that has been this week hit. The boy has been sick and I have missed a couple of days of school. Well, at least a part of a couple of days. I came and stayed until lunch on Monday and then came back for zero and first hour on Tuesday. Sadly, I was so bored out of my mind at home that I almost wanted to be at school even more.

I took the boy to the Doctor yesterday. They tested him for strep throat but decided it was just a viral infection of the throat. That was good AND bad news. Good, it wasn't strep and he is not contagious. Bad, there is no medication for it and it takes about a week to cycle through. UG!

We are going out of town for the weekend. That sounds all exotic and stuff but really it is not. I am performing my niece's wedding in the middle of nowhere. We have to take the boy and that is always a challenge. We wanted to stay in a hotel so we could let him run around a bit more than at the M-I-L's . Oddly, although REALLY this is the absolute middle spot of NOWHERE, no hotels in a 40 mile radius have rooms available. We are hotel snobs since the wife is a manager of a Sheraton and we were willing to put that aside for the greater good, but there are NO ROOMS anywhere. Sad.

Most of my students are on a field trip today so this has been a pretty useless day. I have had the oddest two weeks in school. Oh well, the end is SO CLOSE. Which actually is frightening because I am not ready for the summer. UG!

Anyway, that is what is going on here! Quick update complete!

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