Saturday, May 17, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

Calibrate is behind us. I think the turnout was low. I really liked Chris Flomsbee. I liked what he said on Friday night better than today. Last night it was just for Youth Pastors and this is some of what he said and some of my speaks about it:

1. The Call in your life:
“Your call, your station in life is where your deep gladness and the worlds deep hunger meet.”
-by Fredrick Beekner

Just a thought on what are you doing that matters to you the most. Have you satisfied that deep hunger in the role you currently have or do you need to start searching for that deep hunger in your life?

I think that I absolutely LOVE that quote. It really spoke to my soul. Since he really spoke on what matters most after this, I decided I would not stay for Kevin Ragsdale and would drive home to have dinner with my wife and son.

2. Lives are being changed:
Often we are leading students who don’t really share with us what life change is happening and no matter how little seems to be happening we need to know that the word of God changes lives. If we are caring for students and sharing the word with them then lives are changing.

I have had some struggles lately beliving that a difference is being made. It was a nice reminder that it isn't about me.

3. Broken Relationships:
Are there people that you need to have a come to Jesus meeting with. All of us have conflict in our ministries if we are doing anything worthwhile. We could all probably do something that would allow us to be more compassionate towards those who struggle with what we are doing in ministry.

Made me think of a youth leader I had in Maine and how thankful I am that we settled the stupid score a long time ago and are now friends and partners in ministry,

4. Contentment:
Why is it that we continue to search for something more all the time? We need to find ourselves being more content with where God has placed us. Let’s start finding time to just rest in God and stop looking for the next best thing. Just be content with what God has given you.

I am hoping that I will rest in contentment when I get back to just being a YP (under 400 hours to go). I have learned a lot about being content over the past four years. Resting in God is a good goal.

Today was less awkward for me than yesterday. I really like having my team there. Although, I don't know that I got a ton out of the two days. It was a nice start to what could be a really great regional conference.

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