Monday, May 12, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

I am seriously living in the house of horrors. Kendra and Jackson are both sick. Kendra had a fever of 101 last night and had slept all through the day. I mean that pretty much literally. Jackson is still snotty and gross and grumpy. Then he puked. A lot. On the floor and then on Kendra. Did I mention Kendra was already sick? I am at school and just got a voice mail from Kendra saying the daycare won't take Jackson because of the rash on his face. This rash is there because of the crusty snot that lays over his face at night. Disgusting yes. Dangerous to others no. So, I am stressed. I missed last Monday from church and really need to be there today but Kendra needs to be at work as well. UG! ---Update--- Yup! The Doctor's office confirmed. It is just an irritation. Stupid daycare! UG!

As the house was sick yesterday, we all slept almost all day. I was just depressed and didn't really care so I just found sleeping a better way to deal with my mom being dead for Mother's Day. It just sucks. Then all the sick stress just makes it worse.

The wedding went well. Not as scary as I thought it might be. Still, with the fam sick, we didn't stay for the reception and drove back late Saturday night. It made for a long weekend. This was our second quick trip to Kendra's mom in a month. It was a funeral last time and a wedding this time. UG!

We are down to the last three weeks of school. Bring it on. I am so tired of burning the candle at so many ends. I am just tired, depressed and stressed. The end.

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QueenTracy said...

lol. you should brace yourself for the ick. It seems you are swimming in it at home! suck on some vitamin c stuff. lol.