Friday, May 16, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

I had a great day yesterday! After school the other teachers took me (and the other two teachers who are leaving from our department) out to Chili's. We talked and yuked it up a lot. It was fun. It makes me think that I will miss them. We really had such a good time!

Then for dinner last night we went out for Chinese food with my cousin Cathy. Then she came back to our house. We had a great time with her too. She is so much fun. Jackson was feeling way better and really took to her. He was completely off the scale cute and happy last night. Oh I love being his Daddy!

Kendra is on the mend as well. It will be nice when we are all healthy again. I am going to have a really long weekend with a Youth Leader's training today and tomorrow. I hope it will go well. I am still pretty tired.

Just a few days left! It is getting exciting as I clean my room and get it ready to go! It makes me happy!

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