Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

Last night I went to a high school baccalaureate. It was a little over an hour and a half but it seemed longer. But the saddest part for me was that there was no God mentioned at all. I remember when these things were a time to bless the seniors as they began their time as adults. I realize we live in a different time where God is no longer okay. Still, I know many school districts allow baccalaureates to be given off campus so that they may still have a true blessing over the seniors.

The dictionary definition of a baccalaureate is
a religious service held at an educational institution, usually on the Sunday before commencement day. Instead this particular high school offers nothing more than warm fuzzies and candle lighting. The service was nice but why call it a baccalaureate? Why not call it a "graduation celebration"? That is what it was. It was a pleasant time to remember and consider what life is all about.

It was not for the school where I teach and it makes me appreciate here more. I was just there as a youth pastor supporting my kids. The principal there used a lot of "respected" famous people. Using quotes from humanists as her "sermon". I am sure she is a great person but she exuded that educational elitism that is what I really don't like about education. I have been blessed to have principals that do not display this. As much as I complain, I really do like the principal here. He is a strong administrator that commands respect but is gentle and humble as well. I am blessed.

Please pray for me today as I talk with an Assistant Principal about the parental problem I have had. The parent will come and talk to him tomorrow. I am a little nervous. I hate drama and I am in the middle. PRay that not only will I stand my ground but that the AP will be supportive.

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