Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

What a relaxing, long weekend. I really enjoyed the time with the family. Friday night Kendra and I went to a Brazilian Restaurant and ate more meat than should ever be consumed by humans. Then we saw Made of Honor. The movie was not as bad as I had heard. It wasn't a TOTAL ripoff on My Best Friend's Wedding either. It was a pleasant way to spend an evening.

Saturday we spent most of the day at home but did some shopping, went to the park and to a graduation party. It was a good day and Jackson let us sleep in late too which was very nice.

Sunday was church. i taught Sunday School and it was lame. I know it was just lame. Lame. Then we had the Lord's Supper in both services and because Keith was gone I helped both times. Sunday afternoon afforded a short nap and then we went to Lonestar for dinner. I saw a couple of my former students from Riverview who work there. I love them both and it was great to see them again.

Yesterday we were going to have my sister and her family and my dad over for Memorial Day. They backed out. Michele and Dennis were invited too and they came. They are such good friends. We ate, played games, watched a couple of movies and played some more games. They left about ten o'clock and we had such a nice time. Kendra was sick last night. I feel sorry for her because she still felt like crap this morning and still had to go to work.

This week is family home week. We have no evening activities at church. That is a welcome reprieve. I can get school stuff since this is the LAST FULL WEEK! Woot! Aaron comes in Friday evening. I can't wait to see him! It should be a great summer.

Only five more mornings of getting up and coming to the classroom. That is sweet! Zero Hour is over on Thursday so I will get an hour to sleep in the rest of the school year after that. SWEET! God is too good to me!

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