Saturday, June 07, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

Wow! It has been so long since I wrote last. My educational career has come to an end. Can't say I am terribly upset about that. It was a rough last few days. Maybe God wanted me to be certain I was doing the right thing. I think I am. I will miss some of my students though. They were the best part of the year.

My first week back in full time ministry has been very busy --- very good too. We hit the ground running. Aaron got here a week ago Friday (the last day I posted). We went into the office after I got out of school on Monday and started working on Wham-o Wednesday stuff. We planned all the Reality Check messages for the summer. I think I will like the Kickin' it Old School: Life Lessons From The Old Testament series. Then we came home and were still eating dinner when the small group guys came in.

Small group was the best it has been in weeks. I really felt like the guys were getting into it more than they had in a long time. Tuesday I had a LONG half day at school. I have gotten past it but man, it was just a difficult last two days. Really. Then I picked up Aaron and after a celebratory lunch we went back to work on summer details. We came home that night and talked a little more about the summer.

Then Wednesday I spent all day preparing my message for Reality Check and helping Aaron get the details together for our mission trip meeting. I forgot that the church whittles everything down to only an hour long in the summer so I gave the fastest message ever on Ultimate Authority using Adam and Eve as examples. The mission trip meeting was also hurried but good overall.

Our mission project for Thursday got canceled. I had mixed emotions about that because I REALLY wanted to do it but there was an ounce of relief as the week had been very tiring. Aaron and I spent our day off watching RENT and having lunch with my dad. We also detailed cleaned our house. It is good to have an intern who will help with anything I ask! LOL! We spent a quiet night at home. It was nice.

Then Friday started with me frantically getting Super Summer stuff to the MBC. I still have five students to go. Deadlines are frustrating with this group for sure. I sent off what I could and I hope that it all works out in the end. They REALLY needed the paperwork in full but I got them as much as I could. Then it turned into hospital Friday. We went to three different hospitals in the midsts of a tornado warning and REALLY bad thunderstorms. We were gone about five and a half hours before it was all done!

Friday night we spent at the church baking cookies, brownies and Rice Crispy Treats for a bake sale for our trip to Mission Raleigh that we did in conjunction with the MOPS garage sale. We had to harness in twenty teenagers as we tried to bake and prepare. It was fun but tiring.

Then today Aaron and I were up and at church by 6:30 AM for the beginning of the sale. We REALLY didn't make much money after costs. We'll have to see how it all works out in the end.

This afternoon we went to a little "college reunion" for some of Kendra's friends from college. It was VERY HOT but I had a nice time. It was especially nice to visit with our friends Eric and Tara. I always wonder why we don't do more with them when we get together. We really get along well. Kendra also enjoyed catching up with other old friends who were there.

Tonight we visited with our friends Ann and Mel Warden. They are more like parents to us and Jackson calls them Grandma and PaPa. We hadn't seen them in a very long time so it was nice to be with them. They just bought a different house so it was weird. We had that feeling of when you are an adult and and your parents move. You are in a house with your family stuff in it but you have no emotional ties to it whatsoever. Odd. I feel that way at my Dad's house. He and mom had lived there for about fifteen years but I didn't grow up in the house and other than the few months we lived in the scary basement when we moved back to Missouri, I haven't ever lived there. Not a lot of memories tied to it at all. Nothing emotional invested in the structure. Shows that the house doesn't make the memories I guess. Just an observation.

So, then we came home. Jackson was spent and went right to bed. He never gives us problems. We are blessed at bedtime. My boy likes his sleep. He had a FULL day of play and was tired. Kendra went to get food because my family is coming to Parkway tomorrow and then to our house for lunch. I think it will be good. It will be the first time my dad has ever been here. I am looking forward to it. For now, however, I too, have had a long day and am ready to hit the sack!

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