Friday, August 29, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

So, I have found my new favorite thing. It is Simply Youth Ministry's Simply Text. This is a great program that is helping me stay connected with my students in a great way. It is set up where with my student's name, cell phone number and cell phone provider, I can send group text messages to them throughout the week. It has been fun to send encouraging words to them.

I signed up for the free trial and then just stayed. If the kids in your Student Ministry are anything like mine, you know that texting is the sole communication many of them use. I am glad I got my new Palm Treo because now I can type using a qwerty keyboard. My fingers are becoming bloddy nubs as I am texting students ALL THE TIME! It is amazing some of the questions they will test me. Just this week I have been asked, "when do you stop praying about your life and start living it instead?" and "Why is fasting important?" Not easy to answer in a text conversation but I am trying! I am excited that students are communicating with me in any way.

Simply Text has really helped me start to reach out to students who I don't have close relationships with. It gives me a chance to let them know that I am thinking about and praying for them. One day this week I listed a Scripture reference and some questions to think about. Just today I wrote them and sent a reminder about living out the Truths of Wednesday's YG message. I am loving it!

It is reasonably priced. I am using the medium package which is $20 a month. I can have up to 100 contacts and send sixty group texts a month. I can also send unlimited single texts to individual students. It gives us the capability for up to three leaders to use it! Sweet! The plans start at $10 a month for smaller contact lists. You can't beat that with a cell phone text plan!

Okay, I am beginning to sound like a Youth Ministry geek, so I guess that is it. But this is a cool feature and I can already see how it is helping our ministry to encourage students!

I am also excited that I am all signed up for both the Lifeway National Youth Worker's Convention and the Youth Specialties Convention in Nashville! I can't wait. The Lifeway one will probably be more intimate but I NEVER miss the YS one! It is the best! Yipee!

And from my friend Len's blog:

HUH? And yes, sadly, this is real!

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Kt*Mac said...

Hmm...texting...good idea. I am new at this youth ministry thing. I am trying to think of different ways to connect with them other than the usual Wednesday night. My brother and I are actually the youth ministers (nice to have big brother by my side). We only have 5 youth at the moment (very small church but great growth potential), so texts could definitely be a good thing. Thanks for the awesome idea.