Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

Back to the world of "lifestyle change" I go. In about a year or so I lost 140 pounds. I was still very big because I was GINORMOUS before but I was feeling good and liking the (still fat) but slender me. Well, then we got Jackson and crazy schedules and I fell off the wagon. I have gained about sixty of those pounds back and it is time to stop. So Matt McNutt is offering this challenge:

So, Kendra (who had lost 80 pounds herself) and I are going to get back to it by trying to use this as an accountability program. Matt was on The Biggest Loser and a fellow Youth Pastor in Maine. He is an honest, good, regular guy who has succeeded at his weight loss goals. If you read this before Tuesday I encourage you to hop on board.

Maybe I will post some of our before pictures on here and keep track of the loss online for all of you to share with us! Scary but accountability is the key I think! We'll see! We did go and stock up on our healthy options today. I had forgotten what it was like to buy healthy food. I is more expendsive but I actually had a great time getting it!

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