Monday, September 29, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

I love being a dad. I really do. My son is the cutest and most incredible kid God ever blessed a man to father. He is such a happy, obedient little boy. He is smart (already counting to four) and friendly. I really love him more than I ever thought I could.

He is now starting to really talk. He is making sentences. He is truly communicating with us now. Today, on our way to daycare, I passed him part of a Nutri-Grain bar and I heard him chirp from the carseat, "Thank you Daddy". My heart melted. I love to hear him call me Daddy. His voice is a little high pitched and very clear. Daddy. It is pretty much my favorite word.

It got me thinking a lot about God. Jesus called him "Daddy" (Abba) in the garden. In Mark 14, in His most desperate hour, He used this familiar word to ask His father to spare Him the agony of the cross. I think about when Jackson is hurt or scared and he cries out for me. I wonder if that same sound of desperation was in the voice of Christ that night.

In Romans 8, we are told that the spirit gives us the right to become children of God. We are children with a deep relationship where we have the right to call Him Daddy. Because we are led by the spirit, we now have the right to call out to God by that sweet name.

In Galatians 4, we are reminded that it was the sacrifice Christ made on the cross that gave us our sonship. Maybe this is particularly striking to me because my son is adopted. He is not one who shares my DNA but one who, by an act that he had no control over, gained the right to call me Daddy. He was not born to me but is now as much a part of my heart as any natural child could ever be.

I believe that there is no sweeter sound to God's ear than when we say, "Thank you Daddy". As that phrase made my heart skip a beat this morning, when we say it to our Heavenly Father, it gives him great pleasure. I love to hear my son's voice. I love to hear him say Daddy more than any other word he knows. Today, as I pondered that one little word, I am convinced that my Heavenly Father feels the same about me.

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