Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

So, overall my trip was not all I expected it to be. Still, there were some nice guys that I hope to maintain some relationships with. We did take FOREVER to get home. I walked into church JUST as Reality Check was starting. We had a nice, different service. I wrote it on the bus on the way back.

After some worship and sharing about each school's SYATP events, we split up into groups. I had written some small group activities. We read a Psalm and then prayed for our nation. We read another Psalm and then prayed for our schools. We read another Psalm and then prayed for our church. Lastly, I had each group individually read a Psalm and then share prayer requests and pray.

I have gotten some good feedback from the students about it. It was quality and I didn't have to really speak at all.

I was wasted when I got home. I slept pretty well. Today I kept Jackson home because he went through a pretty big Daddy separation this week. He was cute at lunch with my dad today. He is napping now and I am catching up on e-mails and TV I missed.

Tonight there is a football game we will go to. It will be Jackson's first. We will see how he does. It should be fun.

This is the only picture I took all week. They DO say a picture says a thousand words:

Now if someone would just tell Clay Aiken and Ray Boltz.

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