Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

So, we are hosting a babysitting night for parents tonight at church. We wanted to offer it so that couples could go see the new movie FIREPROOF. Kendra and I saw it at a pastor' s sneak preview a few weeks ago. It is a great movie with the potential to change marriages. You should find it near you and go see it.

Unfortunately, I am a bit stressed over hoe many kids we will have. I hope we have enough leaders. The while Student Minsitry Team decided to do this. The kids on the team neglected to inform us that it was the night of homecoming at three of the high schools we serve. So, student help is at a premium. We may have about seven or so leaders for about thirty kids. Not really undoable but I am still apprehensive.

I was somewhat pleased to find out that I did okay on the diet while I was gone. I haven't come close to the weight loss of last week but I lost a pound even though I haven't ahd a chance to eat right hardly at all. My goal is to try and lose three pounds over the weekend. We will see.

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