Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

It has been a frustrating half a week or so. Some things went down on Friday that mad me upset and we have not totally bounced back. I feel better today than I have all week so maybe I am getting through at least letting the junk mess with my attitude.

One of the things has to do with a parent who came to my office on Monday and we had a "hearty" discussion about when it is appropriate for Young Adults to move on from the Student Ministry. It was his opinion that anyone who wishes to stay beyond twelfth grade should be allowed to have full participation as a student in the ministry until they are comfortable with moving on to other areas.

This was a new argument for me. I have had people question why a young adult cannot be a leader in the ministry in the year directly following their high school graduation. I had never before had someone feel that I need to let a young adult just remain in the ministry as long as they wish as a student. We spoke (sometimes loudly) for about fifteen minutes.

So I have spent some time asking other Youth Pastors about their policies about this. I find that for the most part ministies always ask students to take this "sabbatical" year. You may or may not be in ministry but if you have an opinion on this, add a comment. I would like to know what you think.

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