Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

On the wall on my office is a poster from Uth Stuph that has the many faces of Youth Ministry. It is a guy who makes all these different faces and underneath the pictures are sayings that correlate with the looks and have to do with my line of work. It is pretty funny. There is one that says "Sure I cleaned out and refilled the van" and one that says, "I think it was the Children's Pastor". They all crack me up.

Tonight the one I am pondering is, "Tables and chairs, how is THAT Youth Ministry?". I am tired of the Youth Minsitry in churches being the place where everyone assumes all the grunt work comes from. It isn;t that I think that we shouldn't be minsitering in our congregation. I understand that ours is a ministry of the young and healthy. We should be available to meet needs of our fellow church members. But why is it that when leaf raking, babysitting, carrying things and other storts of manual labor come up we are usually the ONLY option?

I think I am having a particulary hard time with this because tomorrow we are doing an event I really don't want to do. It is one I feel like we were somewhat backed into doing. Sure we will make a minnimal amount of money but the time and effort don't equal the outcome. Also, when these events happen (at least the ones like we will do tomorrow night) we have a VERY small turnout of our adult staff. I am not happy about tomorrow. I hope this will be the last time we do this particular kind of event --- at least for a really long time.

So there is my gripe. I guess that I will just suck it up. Grrr... I can always pray for an attitude adjustment. UG!

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