Friday, December 12, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

So I FINALLY finished Washed By Blood By Brian"Head" Welch. It was a good book over all. It was a simple read (which is why I am ashamed that it took me two months to get through the 200 pages). Throughout the book Welch is candid and up front about his struggles and what led him to Christ. It is an interesting story of God bringing an "impossible" person into the Kingdom. It was interesting to read about the people and situations that brought Welch to a realization that he needed a savior. Discussing people from his childhood right through his years in Korn, Welch reminds us how God brings people into our lives for His purpose.

I found it refreshing that Welch steered clear of going into too much detail about life on the road with Korn. His restraint was perfect. We got the facts without all the details. His honesty about continued struggles was also well articulated.

I would have a hard time giving the book to a young Christian student because of the turn it takes in the latter chapters. It is in these chapters when Welch discovers "Pentecostals" and so some of the theology would raise questions that I am not sure a young Christian could tackle. I would not be hesitant to open up those discussions but I would want to be prepared for questions particularly about tongues and visions as a result of their reading the book.

In the end the book is a chronicle of redemption. It is about trying to fill the God shaped hole in our hearts with everything but Him and how the emptiness remains. It is about how a loving God can change anyone. It is an easy read and one of encouragement (*** out of *****).

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