Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

Last night went really well at Reality Check! I am digging the series we are in. As I prepare messages each week for Superhero: Three Things Only Jesus Could Do, I am being convicted and challenged in my personal walk. Last night we discussed Good Friday and the topic was Jesus Is The Only One Who Could Die For The Entire World. Using the acrostic below to explain:


Denied Himself
Experienced Our Pain
Bought Our Gift
Transfered our Sin

We talked a lot about Jesus paying the debt we could not pay and how because He is fully God and fully Man, He was the only one who could be the propitiation. It was pretty boss!

The message really challenged me to ask if I was as good at remembering Christ's sacrifice as I tell myself I am. Do I live a life that is driven by the sacrifice He took in my place? We ended the night watching the GodTube video below:

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

I am SO excited for this!

This is the latest venture from Sherwood Baptist Church who brought us Facing The Giants. That movie made such an impact in my life that we named our son after the main character. I am really anticipating this one. Kirk Cameron stars in it which is pretty boss as well!

High School Confidential

So I watched this last night and it did intrigue me. I think it had a great view into the lives of teenage girls. I found myself seeing many of my students from school in the lives of the two girls depicted. I felt so much sorrow for Cammy who was trying to find her place. She started off as a naive freshman and got pulled into the party scene. By her senior year she seemed to have a lot of regrets. It saddens me that students look to alcohol for acceptance. I saw the transformation of a young girl from innocence to saddened experience before me on the television.

I think that youth leaders should do their best to watch this series. I think it will provide a window into the soul of students. I want to believe that these girls only represent those girls in the world. Sadly, I know that it probably represents girls in our youth groups nearly as much. I do think that High School Confidential could help us a lot if we watch it and try to learn.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

Today when I told the principal that I wasn't coming back in the fall he told me that they were planning on me splitting between two schools next year. I would not have my own room or anything. I was SO GLAD God blessed me with the opportunity to not come back after I heard that (like I wasn't already).

I was unpacking some things in my office. I found pictures from when I was on staff at Lemay, a bunch of New Zealnd stuff (including a letter from my "love" of that summer Nui that pledged her undying love for me!), and this poem that I wrote for my mom. I am not sure when I wrote it but it says what my heart really feels and why I missed her so much yesterday:

You always showed His love to me
Even when I wouldn't look
You always told His love to me
Even when I refused to hear
You always touched me with his love
Even when I refused to feel
But because you were consistent
In your actions and your faith
I grew to see His love
Restoring my blind eyes
I grew to hear His voice
In once deaf ears

I grew to feel his touch
In once numb limbs
Now I love Him more than life itself
Now my faith grows every day
Now my heart sings His praises
Now I am touching others
With the love YOU showed me
I am who I am
Because you let God live for you
Thank you for loving me enough
To be His faithful, consistent servant
Thank you for being my example
I am proud to be your son
Because you made me proud to be His son.

Man, I miss her today.

Here is a video of the boy:

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

Today in church we sang a lot of songs about God's grace. As I reflect on my day, I am basking in that very thing. I look back over the past three and a half years of our lives and I am blown away at all God has taught us. Patience may be at the top of the list. I think it is second only to trusting God's plan. So many times I have wanted to hurry the spirit along. I longed to be back in full-time ministry so much that there were many near misses before God brought me to His planned end. I am humbled that He continued to use me over these past few years in spite of my own weaknesses.

Today, my church felt led to call me as their permanent Youth Pastor. In that act I feel unworthy. In that act I feel overwhelmed by the wonderful grace of Jesus. It is truly greater than all my sins. I am excited and nervous to see where this path will take us. I have learned throughout this process to do my best to trust the Lord and just live a holy life before Him.

There is a bittersweet side to this. I miss my mom. How I wish I could hear her shout, "Well praise the Lord!" That was her usual response to any good news I gave her. I can almost hear her rejoicing in my head. I know she is happy for me. I just wish I could talk to her about it.

So, a new chapter begins in my life. One more quarter of school and then I go full-time in June. I am humbled to be used in an incredible church by an incredible God. His grace is enough for me.