Monday, October 06, 2008

Jasper Speaks:

One of the perks of being a Youth Pastor is that you get to spend time supporting kids. I love going to Aaron's football games. His team is not so great but he is so eager to play. I love to sit on the sidelines waiting for #61 to get put in. I enjoy hanging out with the High School Senior and College Freshman from our church who go with me to watch. Yesterday I sat with Aaron's dad and grandpa as well.

I am not the football expert by any means. The only sport we really watched in my family was baseball. Still, I love the smell of the stadium. The bad cheerleaders are funny. The traditions of the fans are great to watch as well.

Still, for me, the best part is I get to be there to cheer on one of "my kids". I love being an encourager. I love supporting my kids. I love that I have a job that PAYS me to do that. I think of how encouraging it is for me to know that God is watching and supporting me. That in the games I am playing everyday, He is not only on the sidelines cheering but, if I am living the way I should, He is calling the plays as well. I am certainly not His star player but I am in the game everyday and looking at Him for guidance on what to do.

I am really appreciating this first year back in full-time ministry. God is blessing me beyond my imagination and I am excited to see all He still will do. Sometimes I sense His blessing in something as simple as watching a JV football game and realizing that it is God's incredible grace that has me cheering from the bleachers that day.