Monday, March 09, 2009

Jasper Speaks:

I have been having one of those up and down times lately. Wednesday night was incredible as we saw the Lord moving in the lives of our students. Still, I can't shake this bad feeling I have. We had a long weekend at the church and that, along with DST, has me really tired. I am so in need of a break. It is coming at the end of next month. I wish it would get here quicker.

I often wonder if I am the only one to get the blues so easily. The others on my staff mostly seem to have it all together. They seem to be even keeled and happy most of the time.

I think the shooting at FBC Mayville yesterday is affecting my mood too. It could be any of us on any Sunday at any church. I just met the YP from that church last weekend. I can't imagine how you pick up and go on at a time like that. I know God gives you the strength but man, how hard can that be?

Well, on an up note, I am having lunch with a college friend followed by coffee with a high school buddy. I am hoping these things will help me break this horrible mood.

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