Friday, March 27, 2009

Jasper Speaks:

So, I keep forgetting to blog this but I have a beef with a question that comes up in my life. The other day I attended a relative's funeral. Some of the family that I really like were there. We enjoyed talking and catching up. We had a sweet time reminiscing about out loved one who had gone before us to Heaven. In conversation one of "my people" asked, "So do you think you will ever get your own church?" There are other ways this question comes up. Sometimes it is, "Are you ever going to be a real Pastor?" The latter version is not my favorite at all.

This question is hard because I understand to those outside of "professional" Christian circles, it seems that all support staff positions are there to only bide time while you get to be a Senior Pastor. For me that is not the case, nor has it ever been. I am a Youth Pastor because there is a distinct call on my life for this area of ministry. I mourn a day that MIGHT come when I am called to do something else. I enjoy it. This IS my dream job. So, to ask if I will ever be a Senior Pastor in some ways negates the call God has placed on me.

I love students and student ministry. I can think of nothing on Earth I would rather do. I have even tried some other things and found further confirmation of my call while doing them. I find my place in this area of ministry. I will never say never but for now, I have no desire to be a Senior Pastor. I don't think it is the way God made me. I like being on a team and being one of the supporting players.

My relative did not realize that I preach every week. I lead two separate small group Bible studies every week. I lead a team of volunteers in programs that mostly rest on my shoulders for planning and execution. I develop and oversee a multi thousand dollar yearly budget. There is not much that a senior pastor does that I don't do as well. The things he does that I don't are things I have little or no desire to do or learn much more about.

So, I am a real Pastor. I do have my own church. I am proud and excited at pursuing the call of God on my life. I will humbly step down from my soap box at this time.

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