Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jasper Speaks:

It has been a busy day. I am tired. I am realizing that there is a time I need to say no. I keep doing stuff and need to back away. Today I did say no and it seemed to garner a negative response. Oh well!

So, yesterday was the tenth anniversary of the massacre at Columbine High School. For me it is one of those moments where I will always remember where I was when I heard it. I was at Windemere Conference Center in Roach, Missouri. I was at a State Youth Pastor's retreat. I remember the grief in the room as thirty guys who dedicated their lives to young people prayed together. It is still a haunting moment in my life.

As the days went on, we learned so much more about what happened. Hurting teens killed their peers. Some students were targeted because they had a faith in Jesus. It all still makes my heart hurt. I pray that we are providing places where students can come and feel welcomed and loved. I hope we are teaching our students to reach out to those who do not fit in. I pray our students are bringing love and hope to the insiders.

There is much that can be said about this sad anniversary. Many died. Many have permanent issues. I just pray we have made some difference in helping young people sh
ow Christ's love in a better way. Sadly, if I am honest, I am not sure we have.

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