Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Jasper Speaks:

Sin complicates everything. That was a favorite quote of my first senior pastor in Maine. It is so very true. My heart is heavy for several students who are making some really bad choices right now. I want to be there for them but they are turning their back on what they know to be true and I am finding only my prayers will be accepted. It is one of those days in student ministry when your soul aches for the teens of our times.

I have been a Youth Pastor for 19 1/2 years. All of my adult life. The challenges facing students today are greater than they have ever been in all of those years. The media is lying to them daily. Perhaps even worse, the media is lying to their friends who are convincing them of the lies as well. Christian teens used to act a different way. Today they are pulled in so many directions. It is frightening to me where they, and our world, will wind up.

Things that students are proud to declare today, were the things you didn't talk about even ten years ago. I see a slippery slide coming in students' lives. It breaks my heart. Compromise is fine. Living in a gray area is not a problem. Dabble in this and dunk yourself in that, it's okay. Christian kids have always worn their "church masks" but now, it seems so many of the kids you think are getting it are wearing the biggest masks of all.

I am discouraged. I know God is moving and thus Satan will attack. I know that Satan is the great deceiver and that includes deceiving me. I am praying that the Holy Spirit will convict, and heal these kids. I pray that He will use me to get them there.

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