Thursday, May 14, 2009

Jasper Speaks:

So last night I did my best to share God's Truth about Homosexuality with the group. It was a very difficult message for me. In the end I offended (or should I say GOD offended) a few students and I had several thank me for helping them with things to engage people in conversation about the topic. Kendra said as I started it was like I didn't even want to say the word then once I put it out there, I gained strength and started really being unapologetic.

I labored, prayed and eve shed a few tears over this one. It breaks my heart that kids have exchanged the Truth of God for a lie. I tried to tell them that the world looks into a mirror and says the reflection is reality. However, in a mirror image what is right is left and what is left is right. It is a distorted view of reality. I think that is very true. It burdens me that our kids have to survive in that climate.

In the end I did my best to sprinkle compassion with Truth. I have a lot of gay friends who God has brought into and out of my life. I love them all. I want them to see the Truth. I know I have kids struggling with this issue as well. I want them to see compassion from me and love and grace from God. I hope last night started to build a bridge to conversation about all of this.

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