Friday, December 18, 2009

Jasper Speaks:

How You Can Tell Mine Is The Youth Pastor's Office

This is the sight that made me first consider that my office was a bit different from everyone else's. Not every office comes equipped with a two litre of Mountain Dew, a Traffic cone, a fake velvet hat shaped like a football, a vat of ping pong balls and a plunger adorned with Madi Gras beads!

Our Senior Pastor has a beautiful picture of George Washington bowing in prayer on his wall. The Youth Pastor feels more in tune with a velvet Elvis! I mean come on, GW was just a President --- Elvis was THE KING!

Walk into our Minister of Education's office and his bookcases are crammed with books. The Youth Pastor finds room for his extensive Pez collection and some favorite stuffed animals.

I don't want people to get bored so I put up this Uth Stuph poster with every line I have ever used as a Youth Pastor immortalized thereon.

The Music Minister's office is full of stuff that makes music beautiful in our congregation. The Youth Pastor's office has a St. Louis Rams Dancing Bobblehead doll that sings the Monday Night Football song.

Our Children's Minister keeps a heater at her desk because she thinks the office is always cold. Me I have a fan at my desk. Mostly it is because there is a picture of my smoking hot wife next to it and we need to cool the room as a result! (And Yes that is a giant Bart Simpson Pez Dispenser guarding the beforementioned hot wife pic!)

I do have enough sense to hang my degrees so that students at least think I am smarter than they are! Yeah, that doesn't always work out like I wold like. :(

My license and ordination to ministry so that people can confirm that I am a "real pastor"!

I know Jesus didn't stay dead so I have this cool RIP MJ hat to remind me that everyone else does!

And on a more serious note ...

The Youth Pastor keeps pictures of his wife and kid on his desk so he remembers what is more important than office time.

The Youth Pastor has pictures of his parents, the most faithful Christian servants he has ever known, to remind him that when the going gets rough, God goes with you and that real life heroes do exist.

And finally, a reminder given to me by those parents on the day of my ordination. I am not the one in control, He is.

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