Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jasper Speaks:

So, tonight I am starting a new series called, "One Month To Live" at Reality Check. As part of that series, I came up with a what I would do if I had one month to live list. I am asking my leaders and students to do the same. I thought I would post what I came up with here. Some are silly, most are serious. It was a rather sobering exercise. Those with an asterisk are what I labeled my "one month values" that I think I should be working on right now because they are that important.


  1. Spend more time with my family*
  2. Write letters to the ones I love.
  3. See friends.*
  4. Skydive
  5. Quit working
  6. Eat lots of Ice Cream
  7. Go to Gianinos a lot
  8. Sing everyday*
  9. Tell some people I was sorry*
  10. See Mt. Rushmore
  11. Hold Kendra*
  12. Hold Jackson*
  13. Go to Vermont, North Dakota and Washington and Oregon
  14. Make as many people laugh everyday of that month that I could*
  15. Read the entire New Testament*
  16. Spend every morning with God*
  17. Go to sleep to praise music*
  18. Blog everyday*
  19. Make a video of my last month journey (mostly for Jackson to remember me by)
  20. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
  21. Never get a babysitter
  22. Eat a Trainwreck Philly Steak and Sweet potato fries three times a week
  23. Play the piano everyday
  24. Dance with Kendra again and again*
  25. Tell Jackson stories at least three times a day
  26. Write out several Jackson stories for Jackson to have forever
  27. Think about my mom
  28. Ponder Heaven three times a day at least
  29. Hold Kendra’s hand at every conceivable possibility*
  30. Stay up late a lot with people I love
  31. Let those I love know what they mean to me (esp. Kendra, Jackson, Darla, Dad and my nieces and nephews)*
  32. Write a skit a day
  33. Drop out of seminary without guilt
  34. Buy Kendra flowers every day
  35. Get Kendra’s ring fixed
  36. Give away my clothes
  37. Mark my things for Kendra to give to special people (who gets the toenail clippers?)
  38. Throw away the iPhone and get a cheap flip phone
  39. Stop texting
  40. Stop driving
  41. Write a few songs*
  42. Visit Maine
  43. Go to New Orleans
  44. Write Kendra a love poem for each day and leave it on her pillow when she wakes up
  45. Stop worrying*

What would yours be?

Jasper Speaks:

So, Aaron left yesterday signifying the official end of summer. Tonight is the first Reality Check of the fall. I am excited to get going. It was a long, sometimes hard summer and I am ready for the routine of the school year. God has reminded me of much and taught me many things over the past few months. I am so blessed to be in student ministry. I love it. Here are some pictures of summer highlights: