Friday, September 11, 2009

Jasper Speaks:

This week I am all about getting stuff done for seminary. I might have bitten off more than I should. Not sure how some of my assignments are really going to help me. Today's assignment (that has to be mailed by Monday) has been especially annoying. It is costly and somewhat pointless. UG!

Right now I am watching (well listening) to a lecture. Kendra and her mom are going to the Braves game tonight. I will be alone with the boy. I love him. We will have fun. Maybe I will take him to McDonald's for dinner. I am cool like that.

Next week I will go to the Lifeway National Youth Worker's Convention. Last year I went and was a little annoyed with the busload of Youth Pastors I rode there with. It was kind of like riding with the junior high boys all the way there. I did however, get to know some of them and have created some surface relationships with some of them so this year should be better.

Still praying for a great discipleship movement in our student ministry. I think the Lord is moving but sometimes I just want to run ahead.