Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jasper Speaks:

So my last post was just a quick note late at night. Now it is late again but I think I can express what God was telling me at the Lifeway conference better right now. First, let me say that the conference was especially great this year. Last year it seemed a little over the top in some parts and clunky in others. This year it was well thought out and intimate and just a great time to refresh. The only music we had was praise and worship. There were no concerts with recording artists you may or may not have heard of. It was just a few days of praising God and letting him work in you life.

As I mentioned before, Steven Curtis Chapman spoke and sung on Monday night. It was powerful. Not a dry eye remained in the house. The one ministry applicable thing for me that he said was, that the youth pastors who invested in him when he was younger, laid a groundwork that helped him get through this time. That isn't an exact quote but is a good paraphrase.

That got me thinking. He was saying that Youth Pastors had laid the foundation for his adult faith. It got me thinking that even the hard to reach kids may be absorbing things that will help them in crisis in the future. It was a great reminder that God is God and He will finish the work He has started in all of the students with whom I have influence.

This tied together with the quote from Jeff Platt on the last night that said, Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may be something you never see in your life. God is at work all the time. I don't have to see His results to encourage me to keep investing in the lives of students. God will finish the work.

Well, I am dozing again. I better take off to sleep. I will post more about my week soon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jasper Speaks:

I am at the Lifeway National Youth Workers Conference right now. I have to say I was a bit skeptical about coming. Last year, I got frustrated with the people I went with. They were a bunch of Youth Pastors who acted like seventh graders the whole time. When offered to come with them again I was hesitent but decided to do it because it was a good price and in spite of the goofiness last year, I did make some good networking relationships.

I am glad I came. yesterday was day one and God already is moving in my spirit. I am challenged in my thinking about parents. Also, Steven Curtis Chapman said something last night that really spoke to me in my frustrations with student ministry. He said that one of the reasons he got through his horrible year was because a Youth Pastor laid the groundwork for his faith.

I must remember it is a marathon not a sprint. Looking foreward to what god will show me today.