Monday, February 22, 2010

Defining Moments In My Ministry

Jasper Speaks

As you read these, think about your own defining moments.

Defining Moment #1 - The Day that I Embraced my Calling.

I can remember sobbing in a phone booth in my college dorm as I finally surrendered to God's plan and not my own.

Defining Moment #2 – The Day I Took My First International Mission Trip

It was on this trip that I realized God is global and that we share so much with the body of Christ throughout the world.

Defining Moment #3 – The Day I Surrendered To Student Ministry

A student in my youth ministry was tragically killed. I was devastated. Then God took the tragedy and confirmed what I would spend my life doing for Him. A part of me still wishes the pain of that time could have been avoided but in my life it is the beacon of the moment I now understand to be God using what was meant for evil for good.

Defining Moment #4 – The Day I Became A Husband

This may sound odd when talking about ministry but when Kendra and I became a team my ministry greatly benefited. God provided me a beautiful wife who has joined me as my major ministry partner.

Defining Moment #5 – The Day I left ministry without a job

One of the scariest things I ever did in my life. Although walking away from ministry for a season was not fun, it made me appreciate each day God has given me to serve Him full-time. I love my job and I think I understand true, biblical calling better after having to sit on the sidelines for awhile.

There are several more moments that have defined me not only as a Pastor but as a person. These are the five that have probably played the largest role in defining who I am as a minister of God's Word.

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