Monday, February 15, 2010

Jasper Speaks:

Disciple Now 2010 is behind us. I learned a lot this weekend. One thing is a lesson I keep being taught but never seem to completely get. I have to let go. I was a bit stressed and upset quite a bit. Things were not going well in my mind. A lot of bumps in my plans. I was scared that this would be a really bad D-Now. I was crazy even up to Thursday night.

Then on Friday morning, the spirit just calmed me. I felt myself let it all go to God. There were several other mishaps throughout the day. I handled them way better. It was amazing. I just gave up and God took care of my attitude.

I know this directly affected the rest of the weekend. The spirit really moved. Our Saturday night worship service is always the time that God seems to do the most. This year was no exception. Still, the whole weekend went very smoothly. The students actually seemed to get into the fun aspects of the weekend in ways I hadn't seen this group do before. It was just a really great time together.

I left the day with this quote on my Twitter: "Great D-Now! Great students whom I love! Great leaders whom I appreciate! Great God whose love & grace I don't deserve!"

That sums it up.

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