Thursday, February 18, 2010

Jasper Speaks:

Reality Check went really well last night. I think God spoke. After Saturday night and the powerful service where our students prayed for each other and got a glimpse at the joy that comes with being the church, I decided that God was truly leading us to do the To Save A Life followup study. One of the things I like about it is the encouragement element in that each week we implore students to write encouraging notes to their friends in our group. I love the idea that they can take some time each week and just stop to tell others how great they are or to let them know that they are praying for them. I love this aspect of being the church.

I also like the weekly challenges for our students to take what they learn outside of the walls of our youth room and try to affect the world. This week's challenge was simple, just say "hi" to ten people you would not normally speak to. I hope that this shows a little of the love of Christ to the kids they go to school with.

Last night's study was exceptionally well timed. A student in one of our local high schools hanged himself at the end of last week. As I showed the scene from TSAL where Chris and Jake were talking in the car, there were some sobs as some of that kid's friends were overwhelmed a bit. We stopped and prayed for them. It was a moment of tenderness where we lived out what we were studying there and then.

I pray that this can continue every week.

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Scott Aughtmon @lastingministry said...

That's cool, Jasper. Those simple ways of getting students to reach out to other students makes a huge difference in other students' lives.

Wish someone could've done that for that student who hung himself or for that dude who just killed himself by crashing his plane into that building in Texas.