Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Latest on Laurie

Jasper Speaks:

Here is the latest update I have gotten on Laurie from Don's Facebook note. Keep praying!


Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity. (If you get that reference cool, if's our secret we're not explaining it to you :-) )

Today the neurosurgeon put the kibosh on all talk of leaving anytime soon, skipping a level, or being able to relax.

Laurie is still in a place of extreme caution. She could still have a seizure or stroke causing pretty certain death. We believe that God has healed my wife and she will continue to progress, however we must be prudent with her care. Her blood pressure is being kept at a high level in order to ensure the blood vessels in her brain are open enough to protect her from the side effects of this surgery.

This is why visitors are severely limited. Her blood pressure is being held in the area of 175/100. YES that is high but it is necessary to help prevent death.

I do not want to place a dark cloud over this wonderful miracle that God has given us, however I do want to reiterate that she is NOT out of the woods until her vasospasms are gone.

Please pray for continued healing for my bride Laurie, the mother of our children.

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