Friday, March 26, 2010

Mentoring Is Good

Jasper Speaks:

I have been in Student ministry for 20 years. I love it. I can seldom imagine being satisfied doing anything else. What I love about being a "veteran" is that God allows me to help and mentor younger YPs. Some of these I know through service. I was their Youth Pastor and God called them into this crazy and awesome world. Others I don't know. I also love getting the chance to share at conferences and things as well.

Recently I have been writing some for Simply Youth Ministry and Group Magazine. Recently I had the honor of being a featured blogger on Youthworker Journal's website as well. God has used these writings to bring new friends and mentees to me. Just today I got a great email from a Youth Pastor in Pennsylvania who had read my article in Group about simplifying our ministry. She needed some encouraging words and ideas. I loved giving those to her.

One thing I told her to do was to buy Simple Youth Ministry by Eric Geiger and Jeff Borton. It is an excellent book. It helped me rethink our ministry and the way we were doing it. I put that out here because if you are a Youth Pastor sturggling to make the ends meet and are looking for a way to streamline your ministries to be most effective, and are reading this blog, I would HIGHLY recommend that you read this book. It changed the way I schedule and helped us focus our ministry so much more.

Well, that is what I wanted to say. I love helping other Youth Pastors and am honored God is allowing me to do so! Have a great day all!

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