Sunday, March 21, 2010

One Week Ago

Jasper Speaks:

One week ago many of us were apprehensive and sad. Our friend was very ill. The outlook was bleak. One week ago I was pricing plane tickets to Maine for a sad event. God had other plans. One week ago I said to Kendra, "Maybe God is going to do something that will knock our socks off!" I didn't realize at that moment that this was EXACTLY what he had planned. Laurie is proof that miracles still happen. Here is Donnie's update posted to Facebook last night:

Donnie Speaks:

God the Lord is my strength;
He makes my feet like the deer's;
He makes me tread on my high places.

It's 11:03. One week ago a neurosurgeon told me that my wife was probably not going to survive the night.


Today my wife had headaches all day. As soon as the medication wore off (sometimes before) she would start to feel pain. She slept most of the day due to the pain medication and she was still tired most of the time she was awake. We were told there would be good days and bad days during this next week or two of recovery...if that was a bad day I'll take it.

We still notice some issues with her speech in various ways as well as her memory. What we see is typical however and we are not alarmed or hopeless in response to her progress.

The people that God had in my life already have been a blessing to Laurie and I and we thank you for all you have done The people that God is bringing into our lives is a blessing as well and we look forward to years of community with you.

Only a week later and here we are already looking to bring her home. While this something I look forward to, I know that we should not push what we think God's plans SHOULD be. God has brought us to this point for a reason and we need to be faithful to seek Him first in all that happens.

Thank you all once again for the prayers support and the physical support as well.

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