Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Second Update on Laurie

Jasper Speaks:

Just got this update on Facebook from Donnie:

You've got all things suspended
All things connected
Nothing was forgotten
'Cause your love is perfect
You are our healer
And you know what's broken
And we're not a mystery to you

Lord, you mend the breech
And you break every fetter
You give us your best, but what we thought was better
And you are to be praised

I had a hard time yesterday trying to figure out how/what to write yesterday. Laurie started having conversations yesterday but wasn't very clear in much of what she was saying. This is completely normal for a person with a brain injury such as this. I did not want to alarm anyone or create false hopelessness.

Laurie Coldwell is now once again a living miracle. That is a fact. I can now look back at two days of speech and see a progression. She recognized more people today including my parents (yeah) and she could talk for a longer period of time before needing to rest. She still has a long way to go. I am not sure if the truth of this statement has penetrated my understanding as much as it will, however, I know that as fast as she is progressing; it is going to be weeks/months/longer? before she is back.

Are you guys (and girls - sorry it's a yankee thing) ready for the long haul? Are you guys ready to work with her and understand her and speak with her and repeat yourself to her and hold her up and pray for her....and and and?

It hit me today how big this is as I talked to her. She is alive and I thank God...if she comes home not being able to speak sentences I will love her with all I have...which is given to me by God...and I will live forever with her. For a time here on earth and for eternity in Heaven.

Are you ready?

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