Monday, March 15, 2010

What My God Can Do!

Jasper Speaks:

Here is a Laurie update I wasn't expecting to give (and certainly not this soon!) This is Donnie's current Facebook status:

Laurie is talking. Praise His holy name!!

Wow! Aaron Chapman just called me and said that he was in the waiting room with Donnie when a doctor came in and said. "Which one of you is the husband?" Donnie raised his hand and the doctor said, "You might want to come in here because she is sitting up and talking!"

How AMAZING! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep praying. I said to Kendra last night that God might just do something that would knock our socks off and it seems like He is! I feel like a girl going from crying tears of heartbreak to tears of joy! She is far from out of the woods but please pray that she will continue to get better!

Laurie and Donnie on the night they got engaged


Just got this on Facebook:

Here are something you can continue to pray for:
- Pray for Emma (Laurie's six year old daughter who called for help on Saturday) , she is doing great, but continue to pray for her
- Pray for stability for the kids. Don is very grateful to all who are helping, but there are alot of people going in and out.
- Pray that all the things that could still go wrong, won't. And God's glory would reign over all in this situation
- Pray for Don's Job... not sure what is going to happen next
- Don specifically asked for prayer that he would continue to be the husband and father he is called to be.

Thank you all!

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Anonymous said...

yay :) I know I dont know them, but I am super thankful that God is helping everyone :D Yay God!