Monday, August 30, 2010

Eat Pray Love

Jasper Speaks:

So this weekend Kendra and I had a date night which involved using free movie passes. Since you are limited in what you can see when not paying, we ended up at Eat, Pray, Love. It won out because it had the chick flick feel for her and the Julia Roberts on a screen for two hours for me. I must admit, it wasn't a very good movie. But it did get me thinking about some things God is telling me to do in my life. Here are my thoughts.

A few years back I was working out every day and eating not so much. I lost a lot of weight. I was still no bathing suit model (although I was in talks with Speedo LOL!) but I was healthier and trimmer. Over the past three years I have gained over half of that weight back. NOT GOOD. I think God is telling me to take better care of the temple he gave me. I need to go back to eating to live and not living to eat. I need to work out again. I need to stop making excuses. I need to see this as a spiritual thing in my life. I need to see that a lack of control is not what God has in mind. I am pretty sure I read that the fruit of the spirit included self control.

I have to admit that my time with God has not been as quality as I would like it to be over the past few months. I think that He wants me to pursue Him more. I need to spend more time in prayer. I need to spend more time pouring over His Word more for self correction than for sermon preparation. I need to run after Him so that my heart stays strong in obedience and so that He can do great things in me and as a result, through me as well. I need to remember how much like cool water on a hot day my time with Him really is like for my soul. Then I need to make it happen. All the time.

An outpouring of spending more quality time with God will be a greater love for Him. I believe when I am loving Him more, I can love my wife and son more. I can love my dad more. I can love my siblings more. I can love my friends more. I can love --- you get the picture. I think that God can teach me so much more about love and that He can help me live it out. I think he wants me to start that immediately. I think He is calling me to love even when it is hard. I must admit, I hate that a little but I know it is best for me in the end.

I am praying that God will help me in all three of these areas. I am ready for a makeover. I want to be healthy physically and spiritually. I want to be known for how much I love people. I am not sure what always distracts me from these things but I am sure God will help me do better as I eat, pray and love.


deadanddomestic said...

This post was really encouraging to me since my prayer lately has been that God would show me how to love people as Christ did. Being self-less is so hard and even feels unnatural at times. But God is working in me and I know He is working in you. Thank you for this post!

Jasper said...

You're welcome!