Monday, March 29, 2010

The Original Undercover Boss

Jasper Speaks:

So last night I was watching Undercover Boss with my lady and it was following Joel Manby, President and CEO of Herschend Family Entertainment, who owns among other things, Silver Dollar City. It was a really good episode as it featured Manby's and the company's Christian faith in a positive light. As I sat there I thought about Easter and the original "Undercover Boss".

It has always amazed me that God, who created all that exists, would love us enough to become one of us. One of the most amazing things is that He, being God after all, could have come in any way he chose. He could have come as a mighty King and benevolently ruled over His people. He could have come as a great military leader, charging His troops into battle against evil. He could have come as a celebrity with fans that were devoted to praising Him. He didn't choose any of those things. He chose to come undercover. He chose to come in simplicity. He took the idea of being with us, Emmanuel, seriously.

He was born poor and in a cold cave with animals. He lived a childhood that was so uneventful that we don't even have a record of it. Then He began a ministry where He did amazing things but didn't take a lot of credit for them. He only told certain people of His true identity, all the while working along side His band of brothers to reach out to the hurting and lonely.

Finally, when He revealed who He was, He was not met with adoration but a crowd who was fickle. One Sunday shouting, "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna!" The following Friday yelling, "Crucify Him!" He died a criminal's death. He died without even a place to be buried. He died as the common man he was coming undercover to be like.

Then came the great reveal! Easter morning! He is ALIVE! Suddenly the ordinary guy image is lost. He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! He is the BOSS! Like the end of an episode of the reality television show, He comes in surprising everyone with his "true" identity and offers rewards that forever change us. He reveals himself and brings life changing hope to all of the "employees".  He gives us forgiveness of our sins. He gives us life that will never end. After the reveal the world is never the same.

As I reflect on this Easter season, I am so glad that my boss went undercover to see my world from my perspective. He was tempted in every way but did not sin. He became one of us so that we might come to know Him. He gave up His life while undercover, so that we might have life forever. It all ended with the most dramatic reveal of all time. Oh, how glad I am that He came!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Laurie Update

Jasper Speaks:

She is home and resting in her own bed! A miracle for sure! Keep praying as she recovers. Especially pray for her vision to be fully restored! Woot! Happy Palm Sunday!