Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sacrificing Too Much?

Jasper Speaks:

One of the greatest challenges student ministries face is the over scheduling of families. It seems that those to whom we minister are living lives of greater complexity. There was a time where families made church the priority. That time is behind us. Whether it is a desire for their students to gain social status or to gain the possibility of a scholarship for college, parents have chosen to place other things at the center of their students lives. I served in student ministry for 23 years and one of the most frequent frustrations voiced is that sports (and band in some areas) takes priority over church life. I have heard many a Youth Pastor bemoan having to build his yearly schedule around the sporting events of his students.

We are living in a world where student ministry is being declare a failing enterprise when you look at the retention rate for students in college. I have long said that this problem is much larger than the student ministry. I think that the overall atmosphere of the congregation plays a part but I know that the largest influence in a student's life is still his or her parents. The importance a parent puts on their relationship with Christ and the need to fellowship with other Christians plays a large part in this problem. When parents choose sports and other activities as the driving force of their family life, the church suffers and I believe so does the spiritual health of the student.

I found this article that I think presents some pretty good arguments to support the role of other activities in the downfall of students post high school. I hope you leave your comments to tell me what you think of these assertions.

Sacrificing for Sports

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