Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Youth Ministry is Easy - A Short Review

Jasper Speaks:

Aaron Shaver confronts the myths of youth ministry in this easy to read, and practical little book. He discusses everything from parent relationships to your own personal spiritual health. What is good about this volume is that it not only alerts you to the misconceptions of youth ministry, it also offers quality and practical actions you can take to battle the issues at hand. I like to have practical ideas when I am confronting things and this book defines these problems then quickly speaks to how you can be the best youth pastor you can be by taking real actionable steps. 

This is a great book for those new to ministry especially. However, as a ministry veteran, I found what Aaron had to say to be a timely reminder of what is most important in youth ministry. This is a book you will read more than once and will come back to later. 

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