Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Our Adoption Journey So Far

Jasper Speaks:

In 2007, we became parents. God gave us a wonderful son through adoption through the foster care system. He came and completed our family in a wonderful way. We have learned so much about God and ourselves through this miracle. We have had many people ask us if we would adopt again and we always said we did not know for sure but we would be open to doing so. In 2011, Kendra woke up from sleep with a deep burden to adopt again. This time God planted a burden for international adoption in her heart. Jasper prayed about this and quickly felt the same burden.
When our journey began we thought that the country we would pursue was Haiti. We knew several people adopting from this country and knew the need there was great. We prayed and considered God’s call to this country. As we prayed and started doing research, we did not feel like God was opening the door to Haiti. This halted our pursuit for a while as we sought after where God would have us go. One night we were talking with our son and we asked him what he would think about getting a sibling. He told us he would like our new child to be dark skinned like him. Since we had a connection to Ghana, we also considered adopting from there. The more we researched and prayed we could not gain a peace about Ghana either.
Jasper continued seeking an adoption agency that could lead us through this process. He found a website for European Adoption Consultants. As he talked with the staff of EAC recommended Uganda. The more research and prayer that we pursued, the more we had a peace about Uganda. We found out that it is a majority Christian nation and gives preference to Christian families. We also found out the need in Uganda is great. There are 2.9 million orphans in Uganda. The more we found out about Uganda, the deeper our burden for this country grew. We have grown certain that Uganda is the place where our child lives.
We had this call confirmed as God miraculously provided our first $3500 in less than twenty-four hours. Now we are at the second stage in our financial journey. We need to raise another $2000 to secure our home study that will let our placement process begin. We know that God has been faithful thus far and we know that although by the time we are finished this adoption will cost well over $20,000 there is hope. As we receive funds, the entire process could be complete in 18 months. God is in this and we know He will provide for our family to be together soon.

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